Erin Price Emery - Vancouver Realtor


My philosophy is simple: clients come first. I pledge to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. I believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, I haven’t done my job. I don’t measure success through achievements or awards but through the satisfaction of my clients. "Buy with confidence, Sell with Success.”

Erin is the Co-Founder of Price Emery Real Estate Group. With almost a decade as an agent and as a part of the management team specializing in presales, resales and assignments, Erin carries a wealth of business acumen and industry knowledge. Working in collaboration with Stella, Erin has built the Price Emery Real Estate Group from the ground up, forging key connections between the region’s most renowned developers. A natural-born leader, Erin brings patience, fine interpersonal skills and an ethic of care to her management approach, serving her well as a trainer, influencer and client care specialist. Erin always ensures her clients come first.

Erin Price Emery - Vancouver Realtor

in British Columbia,​

and living in the Greater Vancouver Area for almost 40 years, Erin has developed first-hand knowledge of the region, establishing a healthy foundation for her thriving career in real estate. Growing up in a highly driven real estate family that knows the dedication necessary to be successful, it is only natural that Erin has chosen to channel her proficient sales, marketing, and interpersonal skills toward carving out her own niche within the Lower Mainland Realty industry. Working closely alongside Stella for over 10 years, Erin has developed an acute understanding of the Real Estate process from an insider’s perspective. Thanks to Stella’s mentoring, Erin knows every aspect of the business, and with extensive experience in both presales and resales transactions, she has become the leader of the Price Emery Group Presales and New Development Projects. Erin’s ardent determination, business expertise, and commitment to outstanding customer care make her the ideal businesswoman to carry on Stella’s legacy. Together, Stella and Erin Price form a dynamic Mother-Daughter duo, collaborating their energies to practice the fine art of Real Estate.

Erin Price Emery - Vancouver Realtor


As a dog lover and a family-oriented person, Erin enjoys surrounding herself with loved ones. She is often described as outgoing and friendly, with a caring heart that seeks to help others. Erin plays an active role in her community, serving as Block Watch Captain and a long-time Strata Council member. These leadership qualities also inspire Erin’s life work. Before the days of real estate, Erin worked in the Vancouver film industry. For years Erin worked in the costume department. Working on movies, commercials, and TV shows. Erin met her husband on a film set called 2012. As the dynamics changed in Erin’s life with having children, she thought it would be best for her to work together with her mother in the family business. After all, she did grow up in a house of real estate, so it only come naturally for Erin to excel.

Erin Price Emery - Vancouver Realtor


As Head of the Pre-Sales Department with Price Emery Real Estate Group, Erin skillfully leads a networking team (SEERA Networks) of over 900 members. This powerful leadership role allows Erin to work closely with Vancouver’s top developers to negotiate the best pre-sale investments in the region for her team’s clients. With a deep-seated knowledge of her industry, coupled with an incomparable drive for getting the job done efficiently-- and beyond expectation-- Erin has made it her life mission to ensure that her clients actualize-- if not exceed-- their Real Estate goals.

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